50’s & 60’s: Confessions of a Hollywood Agent

The 50’s and 60’s were a very interesting time, however there are many stories yet left to be told. It will will take you an an adventure all the way from the white house (where you will run into some JFK) to Cuba where Meyer Lansky had control over the gambling, to Hollywood and all of its famous stars. Taking place during the same time era as stars such as Marylin Monroe, Jane Russell, Errol Flynn, Porfirio Rubirosa, Elvis Presley (read the untold story about his rejection), the novel will keep you turning the pages. 

Hollywood novel 50s 60s

Confessions of a Hollywood Agent

Rolls Royce Phantom

Me in a Rolls Royce Phantom outside of Marion Davis’ house.

William Hearst and Marion

Jane Russell

By the way, the bra that Howard Hughes supposedly created for Jane was fake, in reality she would place Kleenex’s over her boobs and everybody thought it was a classic.

Jonathan Winters Mickey Rooney

In the 60′s with the two great comedians Jonathan Winters an Mickey Rooney on a set in Hollywood. Check out my Novels, The Games End about elephants and the people in Africa, the Confessions of a Hollywood Agent about Hollywood in the 50′s and 60′s.


Eroll Flynn went to join Castro in Cuba, before Castro took over. Ernest Hemingway who put down Eroll Flynn and said that he was on the wrong side f the war in Spain and he came now to out down Ernest who said bad things about him. That’s why they ended up there at that time. Also the big Formula 1 race in Havannah where all my characters ended up for the big race


Elvis Presley, who in my book ends up being rejected, check out the untold story.


Marylin Monroe and Jane Russell at the Chinese Theater opening for the movie Gentlemen prefer Blondes

Porfirio Rubirosa

Porfirio Rubirosa with Zsa Zsa Gabor. She made the best of him, but Rubi had already married two of the richest women in the World, Barbara Hutton heiress to the Woolworth fortune, and Doris Duke the heiress of Tobacco and Duke University. All the ladies that he had were in for the fun and he got the money. Check him out in Confessions of a Hollywood Agent.


John F Kennedy and the family


Meyer Lansky who controlled all of the gambling in Cuba

Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn was a movie star with lots of charm. Loved women and ended up with a 15 yr old, but he died before he married her. Lots of adventure in his life and lots of great movies.


The White House.


Moe Dalitz

Moe Dalitz, the old bootlegger and gaming operator from Ohio, and a group had taken over the casino at the Nacional from Meyer Lansky when Meyer built his new Havana Riviera, a 440 room hotel casino.

hotel-nacional-de-cuba Havana

This is the one that was copied from the breakers in Palm Beach, it was the same architect that did it in Havana.The formula 1 race took place in front where Formula 1 World Champion Fango was kidnapped an not able to race that day.

About William Louis Gardner

William Louis Gardner was born in Minnesota and finished school there. He joined the US Air Force and worked at the Pentagon in the Target Library of the world. Went on to the Pasadena Playhouse to learn television and movie making. He got a job with actress Marion Davies at her home. There He met a movie agent and started a career in Hollywood. William Louis Gardner has worked in Hollywood as the agent, personal secretary, PR advisor and manager for for Mickey Rooney, Jonathan Winters, Jill St.John, Bobby Van and director, John Huston. William Gardner is the author of two books, "Confessions of a Hollywood Agent," and "The Games End." William on GooglePlus
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