Confessions of a Hollywood Agent

Outside marion Davies house

Outside Marion Davies house in Beverly Hills in a 1937 Rolls-Royce Sedanca De Ville. I would eventually work for Marion and join the Hollywood scene.

William Louis Gardner

William Louis Gardner

My name is William Louis Gardner, and I first started working in Hollywood with actress Marion Davies at her home. There I met a movie agent and started a career in Hollywood. I got to meet JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy while they were on their honeymoon.


Later on I got invited to the white house with Mickey Rooney and eventually would also work with Jonathan Winters, Jill St.John, Bobby Van and director John Huston.

50s 60s HollywoodHaving spent a long time working hard and having fun in Hollywood, I later decided to write a book titled “Confessions of a Hollywood Agent,” in which I discuss how I associated with the people of Hollywood.


William Louis Gardner

William Louis Gardner

Jonathan Winters (Left) Mickey Rooney (Middle) and myself (Right)

“At the time, I was afraid that some of the stories told in the book would get me in trouble, that I ended up changing some of the names in the book.”

As one reviewer of my book states:

“Well I sure hope that most of Mr. Gardners clients are dead or else he would be in real trouble. The seances and conversations in this fast paced book are so real and candid that one would think he was in the room! But WAIT he was in the room. !  This is the real McCoy, you don’t need to read any other Hollywood tell all book. This one tells it ALL !  It is fun and stunning about all your favorite stars. I couldn’t put it down, Don’t miss this one, you will astound your friends with hard and funny truths here” -Sam Carson  F A I A

Hollywood 50s hot actressHollywood Confessions secrets

 Until recently, however, I have started publishing some of the names on my blog. For now, some of the characters real identities will remain  secret, until you can figure them out, or until i reveal the rest. In the book you will explore some of the situations that I found 

Hollywood book picturemyself in, you will see the secret lives of some of the people during the time, and you will have a good laugh at all the stories that there are to tell.

“In his juicy, jaunty style, William Gardner has given us an intimate peek into the entertainment world as it really is. A driving, wickedly amusing expose of Actors, Agents and Power Brokers in an industry with no shame. A page turner of explicit sex, intrigue and mayhem. I loved it, having been there myself.”-Paula Stewart

Elvis-Presley-elvis-presley-54678_800_600In my blog I have a free portion of the chapter that mentions the rejection of Elvis, The king of Rock! I spent years working in the industry, and Eventually I got the opportunity to work with Jonathan Winters and Mickey Rooney. We got to know each other very well, and to this day I still have some of the souvenirs they gave to me, as you will see further on.

I got to meet Mickey Rooney’s sons, Mickey Rooney JR. Teddy Rooney, and Timmy Rooney. I got them into Columbia Pictures, and they were on a rise to fame. Teddy was the really popular one. Here is a photograph that I took of them, this photo has never been seen before.

Mickey Rooney's sons

Mickey Rooney JR. (Left) Teddy Rooney (Middle) and Timmy Rooney (Right)

William Louis Gardner on horse 2 William Louis Gardner on horse 3 William Louis Gardner on horse

One of my hobbies was horse jumping, it always fascinated me. The location of these pictures is the Will Rogers State Historic Park, in California.




John Huston House

Me on one of the horses in St Claren’s Manor in Ireland, back when John Huston owned the estate

The Games EndI also got involved with the elephants in Africa, and having witnessed the tragedies (poaching) of these magnificent creatures, I got inspired to write another book titled “The Games End.” This book is not like the Confessions of a Hollywood Agent one, it is a book with adventure and romance. The Games End has its separate website, and you can learn more about it here: The Games End. I am the person that appears in the cover of the book, in the book I also mention my encounter with the legendary elephant Ahmed.

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